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C O R N E L I A  G U L L B E R G


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Hello & Welcome, here is my story! 

Even though it may not seem like it today, I haven’t always been the picture of health or happiness. Things may have appeared fine on the outside, but I went through periods of feeling completely lost, and out of alignment with my purpose. There was an absence of self-love, belonging and connection. And it took a toll on my health, not only mentally but physically too.


My life was a reflection of my thoughts, making me constantly tired and always feeling like there was something missing. I struggled with depression, eating disorders and burnout. Here is my story of how I found my way back to myself through Pilates, Nutrition & Art. The balance of Art, Body and Mind.

Living abroad for many years and pursuing a career and status reflecting what other people and society expected from me, I was constantly comparing myself to others. This resulted in unhealthy patterns and habits of emotional reaction, negatives thoughts, procrastination and destructive behaviors, such as a shopping addiction, unhealthy relationships and feelings of guilt as well as a difficult relationship to food and fitness. 

I wanted to fit the mold of what the ideal woman represents in this modern world. My pursuit of living a life that appeared perfect from the outside, made me feel completely depleted on the inside. I had gotten it all wrong and my body and mind were showing me all the signs of it.

Thankfully, it's often in times of crisis that new things are given the chance to flourish in life.

The universe is clever like that; it will give you what you need exactly when you need it!

After spending years thinking that I would find my joy and purpose, by living a life that appeared perfect from the outside, I finally understood that what I truly needed was to reconnect with myself on the inside. And from there, I built a life rooted in self-love, purpose and joy.

Finding my way back to my center, to the feeling of happiness and harmony that come from within has been life changing and it has given me a new glow and a purpose in life.

When my healing journey began and I started searching for greater meaning in life, my path and heart led me to Costa Rica, where I fell in love with the conscious and pure lifestyle. I started to discover that it was health and wellness that was my true calling in life. 

I dived deep into the world of Pilates and got certified as a BASI Pilates Teacher in Spain, where I am currently based. I started to educate myself about food, fitness, and mindfulness and studied to become a Holistic Wellness Coach. I created a new way to live and learnt tools and practices that gradually transformed my health in mind, body and soul.


While working through my ups and downs, my passion for creativity, painting and cooking has been growing with me my whole life.

Painting has been a creative outlet which has helped me flourish and supported the transformation in all other areas in my life. It has been a creative space that has spoken my truth and one of my main tools for finding a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.
 Read my art story here.

I’m grateful for the hardship that has led me here, to the world of wellness and creativity, working with my three passions: Pilates, Wellbeing and Art. Pura Livet is a lifestyle that supports you in cultivating your creativity through the balance of Pilates, nutrition, and art therapy. 

As a certified Wellness Coach, BASI Pilates teacher, and Artist, I am here to support you on this journey and to create and personalize your sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

I work with individuals and groups to spread my teachings and methods, as I believe that we heal the world by healing ourselves.

I would love to hear from you!

Feel free to reach out to say hello, explore my work or ask me a question.


"Today I'm very gratful for my journey as I can relate to the challanges and to see other individuals blossom into their highest potential"

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