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   C o r n e l i a  G u l l b e r g

Natural landscapes, organic shapes, subconscious and imaginative; these are just a few of the elements that characterize the artworks of Cornelia Gullberg. The artist grew up surrounded by nature in Falsterbo, south of Sweden and Laguna Niguel, Southern California. Cornelia’s interest in art and design began at an early age when a lot of her time would be spent creating and fantasizing in the Falsterbo art atelier that belonged to her grandfather, Jerker Wessfeldt, who remains an inspiration to this day. Here, she found herself fascinated by different materials, surfaces and textures and would explore various shapes and techniques. This penchant and curiosity grew stronger with the experience of how different color pigments interacted with each other in different contexts.


A color palette of earthy tones, oil paint, raw textures on linen canvas, these works transform the space they occupy, creating an ambiance within the room. Cornelia’s paintings are non-figurative and abstract pieces that express her emotions, passion and creativity. Her process can be compared to writing a diary, where each painting has its own story to tell. A new painting starts and evolves from a feeling in the here and now. Mixing color schemes that symbolize the present emotion is a way for her to lose herself in the moment where the subconscious mind takes over.  


Cornelia’s paintings are created on linen canvas, with oil paint that is applied using different techniques. As tools, she makes use of her hands, of objects found in nature and recycled material from her grandfather.


The paintings are mostly large-scale with a purpose to evoke personal thoughts, imagination and emotions in the present moment for their audience; such as harmony, curiosity, warmth and comfort. 

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