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Welcome to the colorful journey of abstract painting, where you will discover the art of letting the paintbrush and colors flow through you in a creative meditation.

When I immerse myself in painting, I establish a profound connection with the paintbrush and colors, diving into different dimensions where time and space lose their hold. Painting, throughout my life, has been a source of healing—a medicine that creates a pathway connecting me to my heart, subconscious, and true essence.

Abstract art provides me with a language beyond words, a space for release. It's this world that I'm excited to introduce you to—my abstract art universe, encompassing the entire creative process, including my tools, expressions, and techniques.

These classes are designed to nurture your creativity and enhance your painting skills by expressing emotions on canvas with the material of oil paint. Throughout the course I will assist and mentor you in the exploration, creation, and understanding of abstract art, I am dedicated to helping you develop your skills, express yourself, and navigate the abstract artistic expression.


Let’s embark on this creative journey together!


All courses can also be taken in person and are by application only. Book a 30 min complimentary discovery call to explore how I can support you.


Melania, Costa Rica


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