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A R T  T H E R A P Y  

Create your own package!


In these sessions you will...


• Reconnect to the artist within

• Remember you are the creator 

• Express yourself, no words are needed

• Start exploring the magic of abstract painting

• Cultivate creativity benefiting all areas of your life

• Enjoy and have fun with your inner child, creating with colors


These sessions are designed for anyone with the curiosity to dive deeper into creating with fun and ease. 

No experience is required. For all levels. 

The content of the classes can be tailored to your specific needs and will provide you with all the support & guidance you need to reach your personal goals, meeting you exactly where you are on your journey.

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 "Reconnect with the artist within & express yourself through abstract art"

If you have any questions or wonders, I am available to schedule a 30 min complimentary discovery call to explore if I can support you. Begin your journey NOW!

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