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Abstract landscapes, organic shapes, subconscious and imaginative; these are just a few of the elements that characterize the artworks of Cornelia Gullberg.

A self-taught artist born in 1988 in Falsterbo, Sweden, her passion for art began at an early age when much of her time would be spent creating and fantasizing within her grandfather, Jerker Wessfeldt's atelier, nestled in nature for inspiration. Her curiosity deepened as she observed how color pigments interacted in various contexts. Painting evolved into a means of transcending personal challenges with stuttering, enabling her to express emotions and articulate her reality. 

After completing the Interior Design program at CATC Design School in Sydney, Australia, positive responses to her talent for harmonizing color schemes in interior spaces steered her toward the pursuit of painting—an evolving passion. At this point, it transformed into therapy, a healing modality, an alternative meditation. 


"We are creators of our own reality. We are divine beings enjoying a creative experience that can be expressed through our art and our way of interacting with the world around us".

Cornelia's paintings come to life on linen and cotton canvas, with oil paint applied using different techniques. With a rich color palette featuring earthy and awakening tones, combined with raw textures and profound depth, these works transform the space they occupy, creating a captivating ambiance.

The materiality and sensual essence of oil paint is an essential element of Cornelia's process. She is fascinated in the unique capacity of paint to convey emotions that elude verbal expression, orchestrating an emotional harmonic motion through the mysterious act of painting. In this process, she channels her spirituality, emotions, and creativity. Her process can be compared to writing a diary, where each painting expresses its own story —unveiling abstract faces, creatures, and landscapes. ​ Every new painting initiates and evolves from an emotion rooted in the present moment. Guided by inspiration from diverse cultures, the forces of nature, and a blending of color schemes symbolizing prevailing emotions, Cornelia immerses herself in the moment, allowing the subconscious mind to take rover.

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