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Step 1: Have a good look around my Artworks to get an idea of what direction you would like to go in for your custom painting.

Step 2: Decide on the overall color scheme, canvas measurements and style. I am here for guidance to discuss your special request. Perhaps take photographs so that I can get a visual grasp of the space and interior.

Step 3: deposit 50% is paid and the creative process starts.This is non refundable.

Shipping & Payment

From the placement of a commission order, delivery approximately takes eight weeks, depending on canvas measurements, requested style and final destination.

Please note that the final payment, including shipping costs, should be made prior to delivery and shipment. 

Cornelia Gullberg

Creating a painting for a home or any space is a special art form. Not only does the client want a beautiful piece of art that speaks to them, they also need that painting to harmoniously blend with the interior design of their space. I have a good understanding of what visual elements will create harmony in a space and how the power of art can evoke a certain mood and create a specific atmosphere. 

Getting a clear understanding of my clients’ needs is important for me. I communicate with all commissioning clients, either by email, phone or by visiting the space the work is intended for.  If it is not possible for me to visit in person, you can send me photographs so that I can get a visual grasp of the space.


We will discuss your special request, the overall color scheme, canvas measurements and style. The goal is to create a painting as personal as can be.

Oil paint has a longer drying process than other materials. It takes about four weeks, depending on the amount of layers and the thickness of the paint. 

Online Abstract Art classes are also available!

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